[Blender] 5 ways to easily erase object shadows



・The shadow of the object is a nuisance…
・Objects are shaded and difficult to see.
・The back side of the object is dark and difficult to see.

I want to remove shadows and make objects easier to see.

I was able to easily erase the object’s shadow using the following two methods:

・[3Dビューのシェーディング]→ [Options] → Turn off [Shadow]
・[Preferences] → [Lighting] → [Studio Light] → Brighten overall

This time, I will introduce 5 ways to easily remove shadows to make objects easier to see in Blender.

Problem: Objects cast shadows

[Object mode] [3Dシェーディング ソリッドモード]

Shadows on objects.The other side of the object is dark.
Objects cast shadowsThe back side of the object is dark

How to remove the shadow 1: Delete the Light object

Deleting a Light object

The way the shadows are cast changes depending on the amount of light.

  • Delete the Light object ← Best
  • Increase the distance between you and the light object.
  • Move objects so that they are not exposed to light
  • Make the light a bright color. (White is the brightest color MAX)
  • Decrease the light (strength 0)
  • Turn off shadows

How to turn off shadows 2: 3D view shading Solid mode Turn off shadows

  1. [Object mode], [3Dビューのシェーディング ソリッドモード].
  2. [3Dビューのシェーディング ソリッドモード] → [Options] → [Shadow] to [0] or [OFF].。
  3. The shadow will now disappear.
Shading in the 3D view Shading Solid mode → Options → Shadows to 0 or off.

How to erase shadows 3: 3D view shading Solid mode Lighting Make it flat

  1. [Object mode], [3Dビューのシェーディング ソリッドモード].
  2. [3Dビューのシェーディング ソリッドモード] → [Lighting] → [Flat]. (Also try [MatCap])
  3. The object is now flat and casts no shadows from any angle, 360 degrees.

You can restore it by selecting [Studio].

Shading in 3D View Solid Mode → Lighting → Flat

How to remove shadows 4: Studio light

How to erase shadows 4.1: Editing with studio light

  1. [Object mode], [3Dビューのシェーディング ソリッドモード].
  2. Go to Edit → Preferences → Lighting → Studio Lights → Editor.

Or [3Dビューのシェーディング ソリッドモード] → [Lighting] [Gear icon ⚙ (Light settings)]

Shading in 3D View Solid Mode → Lighting Gear icon ⚙ (light setting)

Turn [Editing Studio Light] to [ON].

  1. While [Editing Studio Light] is set to [ON], the shadow appears to disappear no matter where you look from 360 degrees. The shadow becomes lighter.

You can restore it by turning it [OFF].

Editing studio lights. Shadows are faded.

How to remove shadows 4.2: Adjust the color and direction of the studio light

You can eliminate shadows by adjusting the color and direction of the studio light.

Studio light initial value

blender Studio Light Default
DirectionDirectly behind blackUpper left center front whiteUpper right side white/lower left half blackDirectly behind black/bottom right white

Blender 2.81 ~ 2.91 Alpha Confirm that the settings are the same.
If you can’t get it back, please check.
Color codes are in hexadecimal notation.

How to remove the shadow 5: Change the background color of the entire theme

By changing the background color of the entire theme, you can change the way shadows are cast.

How to change theme, 3D view, world, rendering background color


Advantages and disadvantages of erasing shadows

  • Merit
    • Shadows can be easily removed
    • appearance changes significantly
    • There is a discovery
  • Demerit
    • It’s starting to look unnatural
    • Feel uncomfortable
    • If you forget the value you adjusted when you wanted to create a shadow, it will be difficult to restore it.
    • Tends to forget the original image

A final quibble

I am the shadow, the true me.
I am a creature of the night, and I live in the shadows of light.


Operating Environment

  • Windows 10 Pro 1909
  • Blender 2.83 Maya Config Addon For Blender 2.8
    • Maxivz’s Interactive Tools for Blender
  • Blender 2.9

koshishirai / 3D Modeler

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