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・3D robot production / light plan $ 755 ~
3D robot production / standard plan $ 3020 ~
Cancellation fee / 50% of original fee

Depending on the shape, delivery date, and price, we may refuse it.

Detailed price here
Click here for detailed terms of use


・Transfer to a bank account
・Send money to Paypal
・ Request work by crowdsourcing


・Before making a request, please propose “a three-sided view of the character (front, side, back, (top)), setting”.If there are details and explanations, we will give you a discount.
・Everything is done online, from chats and calls to submission of deliverables. At that time, we will attach invoices, receipts, electronic contracts, etc., so please cooperate until the end.
I will attach the progress of the 3D model several times on Discord by the delivery date. At that time, if you need a retake such as “I want you to do this here”, please let me know.
・If the 3D model is completed and there is no retake instruction, we will deliver it directly to Discord.
Except for this mistake, we will accept up to two retakes free of charge. For the third and subsequent retakes, 50,000 yen will be added to the reward amount.




light plan

For VRChat / Freedom
¥ 30,0000
  • 2脚
  • モデリング
  • テクスチャ
  • リギング (Humanoid)
  • fbx


¥ 40,0000
  • ロボット
  • モデリング
  • テクスチャ
  • リギング (Humanoid)
  • シェイプキーアニメーション (選択式)
  • キーフレームアニメーション (選択式)
  • Blender・Unityサポート
  • Dynamic Bone
  • fbx / avatar / unitypackage