[Blender] What to do when objects cannot be moved or do not move



Objects can no longer be moved…

Reasons why objects cannot be moved

Cause 1. [Object properties] → [Transform] Movement is locked🔒
Cause 2. [Object properties] → [Visibility] Selectable is not checked.
Cause 3. View [Options] → [Transform Effect Settings] → [Origin] is checked

This time, I will introduce what to do when objects cannot be moved in Blender.

Problem: “Object cannot be moved or does not move”

Blender 2.83, 2.90

Manipulator (gizmo) to show movement is not displayed.Objects can't be selected (they don't turn orange) and can't be moved.Only the origin (pivot point) moves and the object does not move.
Problem 1Problem 2Problem 3

Problem 1. The manipulator (gizmo) that represents movement is not displayed.
Problem 2. Since the object cannot be selected (does not turn orange), it cannot be moved.
Problem 3. Only the origin (pivot point) moves, the object does not move.

Cause 1. [Object Properties] → [Transform] Movement is locked

Object Properties→Transform. Movement is locked.

[Object Properties] → [Transform] If movement is locked 🔒,
Even though I can select objects with the [Move tool], I cannot move them.

Cause 2 [Object Properties] → [Visibility] Selectable is not checked.

Object Properties -> Visibility . Selectable check ✓ is not checked.

[Object Properties] → [Visibility] If selectable is not checked,
The object cannot be selected with the [Move tool], so it cannot be moved.

Cause 3: View [Options] → [Transform Effect Settings] → [Origin] is checked

Views . Options . → Transformation Impact Settings → Origin is checked.

View If [Options] → [Transform Effect Settings] → [Origin] is checked,
Only the origin (pivot point) moves, but the object does not.

Solution 1: [Transform] Release the movement lock 🔒

  1. [Object mode], select an object.
  2. [Object Properties] → [Transform] Click to release the locks 🔒 for each movement XYZ.
Object Properties → Transform. Unlock the move by clicking on it. You can use the Move tool to move objects.

This is OK. You can move objects using the [Move tool].

Solution 2: [Object Properties] → [Visibility] Check ✓ for selectable

  1. [Object mode], select an object.
  2. [Object Properties] → [Visibility] Check ✓ to enable selection.
Object Properties -> Visibility. Check ✓ to selectable. With the Move tool, you can move the object.

This is OK.

Solution 3: View [Options] → [Transform Effect Settings] → Uncheck [Origin]

  1. [Object mode], select an object.
  2. View [Options] → [Transform Effect Settings] → [Origin] If checked, uncheck it.
Views . Options → Transform Settings for Impacts → Uncheck ✓ if the check ✓ is on the origin.

The origin and object will now move together as usual.

If the object still cannot be moved

Try the following solutions.

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[Blender] What to do when the origin (pivot point) cannot be moved

Operating Environment

  • Windows 10 Pro 1909
  • Blender 2.83 Maya Config Addon For Blender 2.8
  • Blender 2.90

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