[20 + Free] Impressions of using recommended paid add-ons for beginners [Blender]


I’ve been able to get by with free Blender add-ons until now, but I thought that I was spending too much time on modeling, so I bought various recommended add-ons from Blender Market and gumroad.

My impressions after using the paid add-on:

・Has a habit
・Please note that the ideal (practical video) and reality are different.
・Whether you can fall in love or not depends on the individual
・Once you get used to it, you can make it easily
・Some add-ons are intuitive and easy to use, while others are difficult.

This time, I will leave it as a memorandum after learning how to use paid add-ons. (Additional information will be added from time to time)
Please note that I may be wrong based on my personal experience.

3D View

BoxCutter “Cut in a box shape”


First Look

  • When BoxCut in 3D View, the cut part may be separated by a distance.
  • The cut part is just a transparent object.
  • Use in object mode and edit mode.
  • If the boxes are not selected properly, a traceback error will occur.

Used lightly

  • Good addon
  • I want to use “BoxCutter” a lot for the future because I use cutting a lot for mechanical/Sci-Fi modeling.

Extreme PBR “A wide variety of material packs”


First Look

  • Extreme_PBR_LIB (material) was surprised at 11.4GB
  • Since it is a template, you can easily add materials.

Used lightly

  • [Shanding] You can easily change the pattern by changing the combination of nodes.
  • I would like to use it if I am confused about material settings.
【Blender Addon】Extreme PBR Evo(Combo)インストール方法とエラー対処法

Hard Ops “Hard Surface Modeling”


Hardops 00986: Mercuryx – BlenderMarket $20

First Look

  • You can create and transform mechanical objects with one click (dangerous, dangerous)
  • Too many choices can be overwhelming
  • Use in object mode

Used lightly

  • Possibly dual wielding with BoxCutter


Auto-Rig Pro “Rigging Versatility”


Auto-Rig Pro – BlenderMarket $40

First Look

  • I tried it with monsters such as people, dogs, horses, and birds, and the accuracy of automatic rigging was pretty good.
  • Poor operation

Used lightly

  • Once you get used to it, it will be useful for rigging monster avatars, so I look forward to it.

Reference for how to use “Auto-Rig Pro”

[Blender Add-on Special Feature 10] “Auto-Rig Pro” I tried the famous rigging support tool. – YouTube


MESHmachine “Transforms the mesh to look like a machine”


Meshmachine- BlenderMarket $40

  • Change the width of a chamfer or bevel

DECALmachine “Decal the mesh to look like a machine”


Decalmachine – BlenderMarket $40

  • You can stick it firmly on the provided mechanical surface.
  • Decal (transfer)

Snap Utilities Line “Snap Utilities”

blender-addon-snap utilities line

Snap Utilities Line – gumroad

  • Draw a clean line
  • Use in edit mode

Cuber “Cube Master”

Cuber – Blendermarket $12

  • You can easily increase the number of cubes

True-Terrain PRO “Terrain Generation”


First Look

  • You can easily create terrain
  • Terrain
    • Shader: ground, rock
    • Particles: rocks, trees, grass grow
    • The number of trees is 1000 (default), so you need to lower the setting value (Blender becomes slow)
    • Water: water
  • Ground
    • Landscape Terrain can be freely generated


Pro Align Tool “Align objects”


Pro Align Tool – BlenderMarket $9

  • You can predict the placement and arrange it neatly.
  • It’s helpful to have a lot of layout preview options.

Fluent “Transform the mesh into a mechanical style”


Fluent – Stressless Modeling Tool – BlenderMarket $20

First Look

  • Pie menu with “F”
  • Habit: Continuous modeling style.

SpeedFlow “Modeling work efficiency”


Speedflow – BlenderMarket
Speedflow – gumroad

First Look

  • Pie menu with “Shift + Q”
  • letters overlap
  • Blender shortcut tools are always visible (default)
  • Use in object mode and edit mode

Used lightly

  • Feels like Blender standard tools are more convenient

Voxel Heat Diffuse Skinning “All-purpose skinning”

blender-addon-Voxel Heat Diffuse Skinning

Voxel Heat Diffuse Skinning – BlenderMarket $30

  • Automatic weight painting
  • Apply this after Auto-Rig Pro
  • Example: Skirts and hair (swaying objects) can be tracked well.

Drop to Ground

  • You can move and place objects so that they stick to the ground.


Maxivz’s Interactive “Speed ​​up modeling work”


Interactive Tools for Blender – gumroad Free

F2「Make a face」

blender-addon-Face up

Make a face


UV ToolKit “Easy UV development”


UV ToolKit – BlenderMarket $19

  • Adds functionality that is not available in Blender’s UV expansion.


Toon Shader Pack, Komikaze “Toon Shader Pack”

blender-addon-Toon Shader Pack, Komikaze

Toon Shader Pack, Komikaze – BlenderMarket

  • Blender’s shader function is amazing
  • Should I make an animation with this?
  • Combination of nodes, educational

Extra edition

MECH/FY “Hard surface modeling”

  • Unwieldy

Maya Config Addon For Blender 2.8

  • Install Maya Config Addon For Blender 2.8 in Blender and force them to learn the operation
  • I’ll try this for a while (ordinary thinking) 2020.08.15

Maya Config Addon For Blender 2.8


  • Modeling
    • SpeedFlow “Modeling work efficiency”
    • Hard surface
    • BoxCutter “Cut in a box shape”
    • Hard Ops “Hard Surface Modeling”
    • MESHmachine “Transforms the mesh to look like a machine”
    • DECALmachine “Decal the mesh to look like a machine”
    • Fluent “Transform the mesh into a mechanical style”
  • Shader system
    • Extreme PBR “A wide variety of material packs”
  • UV type
    • UV ToolKit “Easy UV development”
  • Arrangement/installation/alignment system
    • Pro Align Tool “Align objects”
    • Snap Utilities Line “Snap Utilities”
    • Drop to Ground
  • Animation system
    • Auto-Rig Pro “Rigging Versatility”
    • Voxel Heat Diffuse Skinning “All-purpose skinning”

Paid add-ons make your life easier

Modeling, which used to be a hassle, becomes easier.
From now on, I want to rely on paid add-ons.

Many of the paid add-ons don’t have much Japanese information, so I would like to introduce them if I have a chance.

Operating Environment

  • Windows10 Pro
  • Blender 2.81~2.83, 2.90

koshishirai / 3D Modeler

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