Meteor Knight

This is my alter ego that I created by researching and using 3D models that I thought were the coolest in the world.<>Unity: I created the character image by combining Shader, Particle, and Animation.

Process:At first, I gave up midway through the difficulty of reproducing perfect modeling. I studied drawings such as life-size figures of characters, and created other models for fun. About three months later, with all my heart and soul, I finally reached the final shape. By completing the 3D model until the end, I became able to create any 3D model.
Character Settings
  • Meteor knight running through space.
  • Height: 1.7m. Weight: 54kg
  • Back: Booster
  • Weapon: Double sword
  • Power source: Starlight

Unity (Timeline) | Shader: Quibli / Particle: Ultimate VFX

Robot, Sci-FI, 3D modeling, independent production, ArtStation

Polygons: △ 35961

Period: 4 months (Finishing: 2 months, Video: 7 days. 2022)

  • Roadster
  • PET bottles
  • Koshiki
  • Four Ball (FB)